1. Lullaby Nannies & Childcare Agency (hereafter referred to as the Agency) will only undertake business on the following Terms and Conditions:  These terms are legally binding, so please read them carefully. The acceptance of a Candidate introduced by the Agency will be deemed as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Business and the Associated Schedule of Booking Deposit Fees.

2. Upon confirmation of booking a Candidate (Maternity Nurse/Night Nanny/Maternity Nanny/Sleep Consultant/Troubleshooter) the Client will be charged the relevant booking deposit fee as outlined in the Booking Fees. The fee must paid prior to the date that the booking commences.

3. The Client will be charged a nightly/daily, weekly or monthly booking fee for each night/day, week or month the Candidate is booked. Any Candidate returning at a future date will incur further booking fees and the Agency must be notified of such an arrangement by the Client.

4. The Agency assumes that the details of the engagement have been agreed between the Client and the Candidate unless the Client informs the Agency in writing to the contrary prior to the commencement of the Engagement.

5. The Client is liable to pay the candidate at the start of each day, night or week they are booked for.

6.  The Agency acts as an introduction only agency and does not employ the Candidate who is self-employed.

7.   All information is confidential and must not be passed to a third party, either directly or indirectly.  If information is passed to a third party and a Candidate is booked/engaged otherwise than through our Agency, this will constitute a breach of our terms, and our standard booking fees will be charged to the Client.

8.  The Client must reimburse the Candidate any reasonable expenses agreed prior to the booking upon presentation of receipts.

9.   Agency fees are non-refundable.  If during a booking unforeseen circumstances arise resulting in the departure of the Candidate, the Agency will offer an alternative candidate for the remainder of the booking if:
A) There has been no reasonable cause for the Candidate to terminate the booking
B) The agency is advised in writing (via email or messaging service) immediately upon the booking being terminated
C) The agency deposit fee had been received

10.  If no suitable replacement can be found, the Booking Fee will be refunded pro rata.

11.  In the event that the Client wishes to cancel the booking prior to commencement due to extenuating circumstances, the Agency reserves the right to retain the booking fees for work incurred.

12.  While the Agency endeavours to verify the background of staff introduced before employment commences, we cannot guarantee that all the information regarding the Candidate is accurate.   The Agency does not accept any liability whatsoever for misrepresentation, loss, damage, injury, delay, claims or expense of any description arising out of an introduction made by the Agency

13.  Whilst the Agency ensures that a potential Candidate is interviewed personally and full reference checks are carried out, it is ultimately the sole responsibility of the Client to satisfy themselves’ as to the suitability of the Candidate. The Agency gives no guarantee regarding the capability, character, medical condition, age, or suitability of the Candidate.  The final responsibility for employing a candidate lies with the Client.

14.  A fee of £500 or 4 x the weekly salary is payable (whichever is greater) for a Candidate who is subsequently booked as a Nanny by the Client.

15.  The Agency reserves the right to use its own discretion with regard to any issues arising not itemised in its terms.

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